The health and well-being of the nation will be improved by wide spread deployment of low cost integrated medical devices which will be used to collect data, transfer it to the cloud,  integrate the data into clinical IT systems, carry out analysis and communicate data back to the user or their health care clinician.

Sanandco is creating ideas, developing designs and through robust clinically led partnerships differentiating our devices through proven clinical excellence.


Extremely easy to use and simply plugs into your existing telephone socket, replacing your current telephone. 

 It is as reliable as your telephone, not needing any additional equipment such as a computer, modem or Bluetooth connection. 

It’s low cost, making it widely available to a large number of patients and health care providers. 


The company USP is that devices will be low cost and simple to use, the objective being to supply the devices to a large number of patients and to operate a flexible and affordable approach for health care providers. The first of these devices is: