Egton Data Platform is a software product designed to share medical device outputs in a safe, secure and useful manner and presents in a useful output format.

  • The Egton Data Platform (EDP) is controlled by username/password and each user is assigned roles associated with permissions. This controls who can see and do what.
  • The system is hosted securely via a UK data centre in-line with NHS and HSCIC recommendations.
  • Stringent process and security controls are in place within Egton Digital, Egton, Emis Group and within the Supply Chain.
  • Data is backed up and databases are replicated leading to a higher availability and resilience.

MonitorMe is not a gimmick or an app and allows health data to be captured in a controlled environment. This is fundamental for a clinician using the data to identify and understand any changes to your health condition. It is socially and technically inclusive needing no IT skills and only a landline to operate.