MonitorMe is a telephone that captures your vital signs and sends them via telephone lines to your digital patient record. The digital patient record compares your vital signs with previous records and raises an alert to your medical professional in the event that changes are identified.

It is extremely easy to use and simply plugs into your telephone socket, replacing your current telephone. It is as reliable as your telephone, not needing any additional equipment such as a computer, modem or Bluetooth connection. If you can operate a simple basic telephone then remote healthcare monitoring is now available for you.

MonitorMe captures your heart rate, oxygen saturation level, temperature, ECG and blood pressure (currently via a cuff included with the phone). Monitoring these vital signs will provide you with piece of mind that any long term illness is being monitored and intervention will occur should your condition change. Should you need a hospital stay then early discharge will be made possible in the knowledge your vital signs are being monitored. Your loved ones can be given access at your discretion, to your Patient Record in order to provide them with the same comfort.

Your clinical professional will provide you with a MonitorMe phone and via a professional portal set the frequency of automated calls. The automated call will include a health questionnaire tailored to your condition and whilst you respond to the questionnaire by using the key pad on your phone, the Vital Signs will be measured. Intervention will be triggered should the vital signs fall outside defined parameters.


Heart Rate


Oxygen Saturation Level






Blood Pressure (Via Cuff)


Responses To Health Questionnaire