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Be reassured that your health is being monitored. Enjoy life to the full. Reduce your risk of a long hospital stay and remain independent for as long as possible.

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Mike Pearson, inventor, explains more about where MonitorMe comes from and how it works in the video below

4 Vital Signs

Changes to these vital signs over the long term can indicate a gradual change to your health. Changes over the short term can indicate a sudden worsening of your health. Recording the data can allow health care professionals to recognise the need for a healthcare intervention

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The facts are clear.

As the years go by we all require more GP consultations and the risk of Emergency Department admissions increases. Without the reassurance given by using technology, 40 million additional GP consultations will be required by 2039. Smarter interventions based upon trend data will reduce the frequency of emergency calls and admissions.

Stay well, recover well, live well, for longer.

Be empowered to take responsibility for your good health and the good health of your friends and family. Make choices to help you stay healthy longer.

Poor health is inevitable at some stage. Manage this period with early interventions leading to rapid diagnosis and the earliest possible treatment. This will positively impact on the severity of your condition making hospital stays less likely and shorter.

Be happy, confident and independent.

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