Our health and well-being could be transformed by wide spread deployment of low cost integrated medical devices able to collect granular patient data and transfer it to cloud based centres for analysis. Only then does it become possible to identify health changes so that;

  • carers can see cause and effect,
  • health care professionals measure the efficacy of particular treatment pathways,
  • and health providers gain epidemiological insights and a new way to focus resources.
  • in any economy, globally.

This relies on affordable simple to use devices able to deliver reliable repeatable data. Acceptable data is that which can significantly improve the process of diagnosis and treatment in ways that reduce cost. A transformational change comes about if data is used this way, leading to rapid expansion in the medical device and data application markets.

Transform the way healthcare is delivered and managed improves
quality of life and reducing the burden on the NHS.

MonitorMe is the device to drive transformation and be seen as a saviour of the NHS.